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Hey friends, I am going to be a part of this awesome blog/sisterhood called The Slash Blog. I am going to be in charge of their food and nutrition posts. I am so thrilled to be a part of this awesome blog, and it is officially live today. Here is some info from Nichelle and Elise the starters of the blog.
Meet Nichelle and Elise. Nichelle blogs at Vintage Wanna Bee and Elise blogs at Elise’s Pieces
They are BFFs and they think they are way funny slash, they are actually pretty funny.
Elise and Nichelle met in a Women’s Organization that focused on personal growth, faith and sisterhood. After becoming besties, and realizing they blog were obsessed with blogging, they decided to create 
The Slash Blog is a sisterhood that focuses on faith, friendship, service and sisterhood.
The Slash Blog is officially live as of today! Head on over to check out this new blog that focuses on and is based on friendship. Elise slash Nichelle invite you to join along with their Weekly Inspirations, Weekly Challenges, Weekly Uplifting Printables, Monthly Serviced Projects and more! Head on over to the blog, ‘Join The Sisterhood’, or just come by to get a smile or a laugh!
Check out The Slash Blog here:
The Slash Blog is also having a “Slash Bash” in honor of the new blog launch!
If you are in Northern Utah, or Southern Idaho, Elise slash Nichelle invite you to come to this Super Awesome Blog Party! Please RSVP on the facebook event here. 
If you would like to get involved, have questions, want to say hello, have a funny joke, or have a charity or organization you would like to see on The Slash Blog, you can send an email to The Slash Girls at:


  1. Michelle@Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust · · Reply

    Hello Cute Aimee, Looking forward to getting to know you through The Slash Blog. I’m so excited to find a new source for yummy recipes!

    Warmly, Michelle

    1. Michelle, I am so excited to be a part of The Slash Blog, and so excited to get to know you and all the other wonderful people we will be working with!

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