Ellen’s 55 before 55 bucket list

Aimee is encouraging me to come up with my own bucket list of new things to make and cook.  I have been searching my mind for what I might want to prepare and I really need to get creative.  I am pretty sure though you will not see octopus or squid on this list. I have already spent a lot of years cooking.  Granted I might prefer to fall back on the standards: pasta, chicken, soup, etc. – cooking in this manner takes a lot of pressure off.  I mean you can just say I know what I am going to fix every night and really not have to think about it.  But I will oblige my daughter and try to imagine cooking something new and different for our family.  So I have thought of a few items but you certainly can help me by suggesting more.

Onion Rings (I will have to prepare Aimee’s recipe,  I have never made homemade onion rings)
New York Style Cheesecake
Orange Marmalade
Granola (a really good one like Costco’s)
Homemade Angel Food Cake
Homemade Ravioli
Use a new herb or spice once a month (between now 11/13 and my 55th birthday 7/15, that should be good for 18 dishes)
Prepare 1 new recipe monthly from one of my many cookbooks (ditto to above parentheses comment)
Design a cookie (my own recipe, mostly likely a familiar cookie recipe base)
Use a new fruit or vegetable once a month (another 18)
Fruit and Nut Bread
Kumquat Chocolate Bark
Fried Green Tomatoes
Breaded Fennel
Rainbow Vegetable Pizza
Roasted Vegetables

So I have 18 months until my 55 birthday, I have a lot of cooking to do.  I believe I have 68 items to fulfill, I recognize some will be over lapped with a spice, herb, or fruit/vegetable.  This should be fun, a new adventure.  Wish me luck, encourage me, check on me to keep me on track.  I will let you know when I have accomplished one.


  1. This is not 55!

    1. Ellen Garrett · · Reply

      So this many look like a cop out but I have come up with some direction at least. Thanks for the reminder. What would you like to see me try?

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