Halloween Charcuterie Board

This Halloween Charcuterie board is full of Halloween treats and candy, and is so easy to throw together for a Halloween party or movie night.


Classic OREO Cookies Golden OREO Cookies NutterButter Cookies Reeses Pieces Chips Ahoy! Cookies Classic Chips Ahoy! Cookies Mummy OREO Cookies Mummy NutterButter Cookies Mini Pretzels Pretzel Sticks White Chocolate Covered Pretzels Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip Marshmallow Cream Cheese Dip Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Peanut Butter Cookie Butter Caramel Popcorn Kettle Corn Pumpkin Tortilla Chips Graham Crackers Candy Orange Slices.......and MORE!

Start with two or three of your larger items, maybe one of the dips in the bowls, or a bowl or candy corn or popcorn. Arrange them on the board. Then add some of the other bigger treats that can stand alone, like the OREO cookies or the pretzels. Then cover in the gaps with the smaller pieces of candy.


Get more in depth tips and tricks, and the whole recipe by checking out the link below