Jam Thumbprint Cookies

These jam thumbprint cookies have a melt in your mouth buttery shortbread cookie, filled with your favorite jam! Try raspberry, peach, strawberry, or apricot. They’re a classic Christmas cookie, and also a winner to make any time of the year.


You must chill the dough. This will enhance the flavor of the cookies, but also keep them from spreading too much while baking. Keep one tray of cookies in the fridge while the other bakes, so they stay chilled until ready. To prevent cookies from cracking – The dough is firm enough that you should be able to potion a section and roll it in your hands. Roll the dough long enough to get it just a little warm, and make a ball with no lines. Then gently press your thumb or the back of a teaspoon into the cookie. If the cookies crack you can re-roll or press the dough together as needed. The cookies may still crack a little as they bake, but this should prevent most of it.

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