Red, White, and Blue Fruit Pizza

What you'll need:

- Sugar Cookie Dough - Cream Cheese - Cool Whip - Powdered Sugar - Vanilla Extract - Strawberries - Blueberries - Raspberries

1) Spread out the sugar cookie dough and bake. 2) Mix the ingredients for the frosting. Spread it on the cooled cake. 3) Arrange the berries in pretty rows.

How to Make Fruit Pizza?

How to make ahead of time?

Make each of the separate parts, but don't decorate the pizza until serving time.  Bake the sugar cookie "crust". Make the frosting and keep it in the fridge. Slice and wash the berries. Spread the frosting, and arrange the berries an hour or less before serving for the best results.

Who is ready to get baking?

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