Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

By Aimee Berrett

This strawberry cheesecake ice cream has a creamy cheesecake base, with sweet strawberry sauce, and graham cracker crust swirls. It's like a delicious slice of strawberry cheesecake all wrapped up in a big bowl of ice cream.







Dish Info

1) Don't forget to put your ice cream maker freezer bowl in the freezer at least 12 to 24 hours in advanced.

2) Try using blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries instead of strawberries for the swirled sauce.

3) Use heavy cream and whole milk for the best, creamiest ice cream results. 


Nothing is as refreshing and satisfying than some fresh strawberry ice cream on a hot summer day. dig in, throw some on a cone, and share at a party!

For the full recipe, and tips and tricks go to the link below

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