Buffalo Ranch Chicken Tacos (Chili’s Crispy Chicken Taco Copycat) (Winger’s Sauce Copycat)

If we are going out to eat, 9 times out of 10 I will choose either Noodles and Company or Chili’s. Of course, these aren’t fancy restaurants by any means, but they are nicer than Wendy’s or Taco Bell, which are our go to fast food restaurants.  At Noodles and Company I have, I think, two meals that I rotate between the penne rosa and the pad thai. Both are delicious. The problem with Chili’s is that I can never decide what I want to get. There are so many options, and I have loved everything I have tried from there, so its hard to narrow it down to just one.

Well, one time at Chili’s I tried their “crispy chicken tacos” which they describe as flour tortillas with crispy chicken crispers, applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, honey-chipotle drizzle and ranch dressing. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Well it was. But I figured the ingredients were simple enough, it is definitely something I could make from home. So I did.


So first off, the “honey chipotle drizzle” tastes like any traditional wing sauce (not like a buffalo wings, but well, like Winger’s sauce basically). So, that’s what I decided to use. But when I went to the store they didn’t have any Winger’s sauce, so I remembered back upon a couple copycat recipes for that sauce that I’d read earlier that day (just in case) and they all said the same thing, just slightly different amounts. Franks Hot Sauce and brown sugar. So I grabbed some of Frank’s  and was on my way.

The taco recipe is pretty simple too, its basically just putting all the ingredients together. So I didn’t really write down the amounts of everything I used because its so basic. Plus we were only cooking for 2, so if you are cooking for more its still just as easy to put together. I’m going to estimate the amounts I used (for 2 people), but again its kind of however much you want really. Also, I didn’t use tomatoes because I don’t like them.



Copycat Winger’s Sauce

2/3 cup Frank’s Red Hot Original Sauce
1 cup brown sugar

1. Combine ingredients in a small pot, and heat at medium.
2. Allow ingredients to simmer until brown sugar is completely dissolved.
3. Remove from heat and use in whatever manner you like.

Buffalo Ranch Chicken Tacos/ Chili’s Crispy Chicken Tacos

4 breaded chicken strips
4 tortillas
1/4 cup bacon bits
1/4 cup tomato, chopped
1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 cup lettuce, shredded
1/3 cup winger’s sauce
2 TBS ranch dressing

1. Cook chicken strips according to package directions.
2. Drizzle chipotle sauce over chicken breast to cover. On both sides.
3. Cut chicken breasts into thin strips. If they are long, cut them in half.
4. Put chicken, baco, tomato, cheese and lettuce in a tortilla. Spreading evenly between each tortilla.
5. Drizzle ranch dressing over the top of everthing

Enjoy. That’s it. Simple right?





  1. MsVee · · Reply

    Thanks so much for the recipe, they have actually taken the crispy chicken tacos off of the menu at the chilli’s I normally go to so I have been looking for ways to copy the recipe

  2. Looks amazing and not that diffiicult so I’ll save this and give it a try. Feel free to join my social blog hop! Have a wonderful day.

  3. Coming from a former Chili’s employee (yep, 6 years!) I have to tell you that these look SPOT-ON. Love them so much and these were always so popular on the menu!

    1. Sally,

      Thank you! I always thought it would be fun to work at Chili’s so I could try all of their delicious food! I seriously love that place!

  4. Looks delicious! Who doesn’t love a good taco?

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