Cooking Bucket List

I’ve been inspired lately by a few different bloggers that have made “cooking/recipe bucket lists”. Namely, this one, this one and this one. So I wanted to follow suite and write down a list of foods that I have been wanting to make. Some of these things may take me a long time to accomplish, and a lot of learning in the mean time.

So as I’m working on my list, I’m happy to take suggestions for any idea. Maybe some of your favorite foods that I should try making, or something you’ve been too afraid to try so I can try first?

Here are a few things I can think of right now, for my list, and I will update you once my final list is ready.

  1. Macarons
  2. Eclairs
  3. Apple Strudel
  4. Fried Doughnuts
  5. English Muffins
  6. Bagels
  7. Gnocchi
  8. Fried Chicken
  9. Deep Dish Pizza
  10. Corn Dogs
  11. Pad Thai
  12. Churros
  13. Funnel Cakes
  14. Eggnog
  15. A Turkey
  16. Focaccia Bread

So as you can see, I need a lot more ideas, so please help! (I’d like to come up with 100)


  1. Yumm! I now shall add eclairs and macaroons to my list! Good luck and I cant wait to read updates on this :)

    1. TThanks Karina! I’m trying to come up with 10-15 more things to make to have a total of 100 and then I will do a big reveal! Ps Let me know if you find a good eclaire or macaroon recipe!

  2. Oh! And chicken pot pie. :)

  3. One of my favorite things to make/eat is carrot casserole. It’s not difficult, but it is super yummy. :) My family makes it every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Scalloped potatoes? Cheesecake? Apple turnover? Baklava? I apologize if you’ve already made these or if they’re on your blog already. :)

    1. What is the carrot casserole recipe? I have made scalloped potatoes, cheesecake and chicken pot pie. But I really want to try apple turnovers and especially baklava!

      1. I can email you the recipe if you text me your email address. A couple Thanksgivings ago I typed up the recipes for all the dishes we make in my family for Thanksgiving and made it into a little book for myself, my mom, and my sister.

      2. What a great gift idea! I hope we can eventually make a book of all our favorite recipes too! :)

  4. Someday I want to make scones. Not the fried bread kind, the fancy bakery kind.

    1. My mom made scones and shared the recipe on here. I want to try both the fried and bakery kind

  5. I nominate myself for the position of test-tasting when focaccia and eggnog get checked off your list. ;) Also, have you done creme brulee? That’s on my list. And bananas foster en flambe. Because fire hazardous recipes are apparently my thing.

    1. Elise, I would love to have you taste test my food! When can we get together ;) And Nate got me a flambe torch for Christmas but I haven’t used it yet! I think I’m a little nervous

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