Air Fryer Chicken Wings

These air fryer chicken wings are the perfect way to get crispy wings, in less than 30 minutes, without any oil! The best crispy wings you’ll ever have, they’re delicious for dinner, or an easy appetizer!


 Flats and Drumettes – I recommend getting chicken wings that are already broken down into drumettes and flats. It’s a bit more expensive, but worth the extra cost to avoid the step of cutting them up, in my opinion. Give them space – Spread the chicken flats and drumettes apart in the air fryer so they don’t overlap. This will give them enough space to cook evenly and get crispy all around. (Cook the wings in batches if they won’t all fit at once).  Check the temperature of some of your larger wings to make sure they reach 160 or 165 degrees internally. Then add your sauce and cook them for the last few minutes to get them nice and coated and make sure they reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Get more in depth tips and tricks, and the whole recipe by checking out the link below