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These adorable reindeer cupcakes are a delicious chocolate cupcake, topped with cute decorations to make them look like reindeer.

why you'll love them:


• Chocolate cake mix • Vanilla extract • Powdered sugar • Cocoa powder  • Candy eyes • Mini pretzels  • Red or brown M&Ms

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Add all the ingredients for the chocolate cupcakes to a large bowl and stir them together until they are well combined.

step 1

Line a cupcake pan with paper cupcake liners and add cake batter to each cupcake liner, filling them each to be about 3/4 of the way full.

step 2

Bake the cupcakes for 16-18 min. Let the cupcakes cool in the pan for 5 minutes, then transfer them to a cooling rack to cool completely.

step 3

In a large bowl, beat the butter until it is smooth. Add in the powdered sugar and cocoa powder and beat them into the butter.

step 4

Add in the heavy cream, vanilla extract and salt and mix until smooth. Then raise the speed to high and beat until the frosting is nice and fluffy.

step 5

Add the frosting to a piping bag, and pipe the frosting onto the top of each cupcake. Add a candy bar to the middle of each cupcake.

step 6

Then add a little frosting to the back of two candy eyes, and each red m&m and attach them to the candy bar.

step 7

Break the pretzels in half and add them behind the candy bars to give the reindeer his antlers.

step 8

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