Stuffed Hatch Chiles

(Fresh Summer Flavors)

These Stuffed Hatch Chiles are full of a delicious sweet and spicy quinoa and corn mixture, and topped with melted cheese.  Especially delicious served with a homemade cilantro yogurt sauce

-Hatch chiles can usually be found from the beginning of August to the end of September. - These chiles offer a yummy balance of sweet and spiciness. There are chiles that are mild, and chiles that are hot, and everything in between - If you can't find Hatch chiles you can substitute Annaheim Chiles.

How to Roast Hatch Chiles?

1) Add the Hatch Chiles to a roasting pan and heat under the broiler until the skin is blistering. 2) Add them to a ziplock bag and let them cool. 3) Carefully peel the skin off the chiles. Now you'll have that yummy smoky flavor without the burnt skin.

The roasted chiles are cut down the middle and stuffed full of a delicious seasoned quinoa and corn mixture. Then they are topped with shredded cheese and cooked until it's warm and melty. Serve topped with our easy cilantro yogurt sauce for the best flavor!

Get more in-depth tips and tricks and the full recipe for these delicious Stuffed Hatch Chiles by checking out the recipe below.