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Close up view of a oreo cat cookie.
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Oreo Cats

Decorate these cute cats for Halloween with favorite candy treats and Oreo cookies.



  • Licorice String
  • Orange M&Ms (1/2 per cat)
  • Yellow or Green M&Ms (2 per cat)
  • Oreos (1 per cat)
  • Chocolate Chips (2 per cat)
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • Black Edible Marker*


  • Cut your licorice string into 1 inch length pieces.
  • Cut your orange m&ms in half.
  • Place frosting on the back of 2 m&ms of the same color and place m&ms on top of your oreo.
  • Put frosting on the cut half of the orange m&m and place on the oreo, under the eyes.
  • Put frosting on each licorice string and arrange on oreo like whiskers.
  • Put frosting on the bottom of 2 chocolate chips and put on the side of the oreo and the "top of the head" to make ears.
  • Draw eye slits on m&ms with edible marker.


*you can find edible black markers on Amazon or in the baking aisle of your local grocery store.