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Three hanging decorated mason jars with lights inside.
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DIY – decorated mason jars

A cute and easy DIY decorated mason jars for a porch greeting or simple flower vase.


  • 3 one pint mason jars
  • 3 tea lights
  • circle stickers*
  • 3 - 2 feet lengths of wire cut
  • silver frosted spray paint
  • wire cutters or pliers


  • Place your stickers scattered on your jars. Wherever you place a sticker this will be a clear dot. You determine how close or how many you use.
  • Take your wire and wrap it around the neck of your jar. Twist to tie off one end. Take the wire and make a loop to hang from, send the end of this wire through the wrapped wire around the neck and twist to tie it off. If you have extra wire, cut it off with your cutters.
  • Take your jars outside and spray gently with the frosted spray paint, covering the entire jar. Do this with a sweeping motion.
  • Let paint dry.
  • Remove stickers carefully.


*we used pricing stickers