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I cannot believe that another year has come and gone. Two thousand and thirteen went by so quickly for us! But it was a great year and I think 2014 will be even better!

Today we are spotlighting the 2013 top 10 reader favorite recipes from 2013. These posts were all in our top 20 most viewed from the year as a whole, but these ones are our top 10 most viewed posts actually posted in 2013. Some of these are from earlier in the year, some are only a few weeks old – it’s interesting to see what you all like to see :)

2013 top 10

Before we get on to the recipes, we want to give a shout out to you – our readers. Without you, our blog wouldn’t be as much as it is. You helped us to grow from 20,000 views a month to over 100,000 a month! We love reading all your comments, answering your questions, getting your emails and more! (Keep it up!). Because of you, 2013 was a great year for our blog and I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us!

Let’s start with number 10 and we’ll work our way up to our number 1 most popular post this year!

#10 Corn Bread - This slightly sweet corn bread makes a perfect side dish or dessert and tastes extra delicious topped with butter and honey.


#9 Peanut Butter Blossoms - These cookies are one of my favorites ever, and apparently you guys love them too! With the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate, these cookies make a great neighbor gift for the holidays or taste great all year round.


#8 Banana Cream Pie Cookies - Mmm, these cookies taste just like a creamy banana pie, but in cookie form they are even easier to make and even funner to eat!


#7 Simple Granola - Granola makes a perfect breakfast or snack option and now you can make your own with this delicious simple granola recipe.


#6 Bakery Style Strawberry Muffins - These muffins are delicious, filled with chunks of sweet strawberries and topped with a delicious cinnamon streussel crumb!


#5 Double Chocolate Brownies - These double chocolate brownies are filled with cocoa powder and chocolate chips to make them extra chocolatey. These taste like boxed brownies, only better, and are the best homemade brownies I’ve ever had!


#4 25 of our Favorite Mexican Food Recipes - We love Mexican food and it looks like our readers do too! With a variety of Mexican dishes from chicken tortilla soup, to rice, to enchiladas, to homemade churros, this round up of 25 Mexican dishes has the recipe for you.

25 favorite mexican

#3 Perfect Pancakes - These pancakes make the perfect breakfast option, they are easy to whip together and taste so much better than just a traditional pancake mix. Try them out and you’ll never want to go back…


#2 Crockpot BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches


#1 Copycat Texas Road House Rolls - Texas Road House has some of the best rolls in the world and this homemade version comes very close! These rolls are light and fluffy and taste delicious topped with butter, honey or jam. They taste best fresh out of the oven.


We hope to make 2014 even better with lots of delicious recipes to come. (If you ever have a recipe you’d like us to try and possibly share, just email it to us at We always love suggestions)

Happy New Year all!

I hope you stay up late counting down the seconds tonight, enjoy time with loved ones and eating some delicious food!


  1. YUM! What a great year for this blog! I realize I have at least half of these recipes pinned on Pinterest haha. You two are an amazing blog team!

    PS I have a year in review link-up going on at my blog today. If you feel so inclined, you should link up this post :)

    Here’s to a great 2014!

    1. Thanks Brooke! I read through your year yesterday and it was so fun to read! I was waiting to have this post go live today to link up – so thanks for the reminder! :)

  2. First of all, I am super hungry now from reading this post! Second of all, I am going to try these cause they all look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great top 10! I’m starving now :-)


  4. Oh yum! Love all of these recipes, I think I have pinned them all!

  5. All these recipes look so great! I love your blog!

  6. Excited to try the granola and Texas Roadhouse rolls! Love your recipes!

  7. These all look so good! Congrats on the growth of your site- I hope 2014 is even better for you!

  8. I still need to try the Texas Roadhouse Rolls! Yours are perfect!!!

  9. I missed that strawberry muffin recipe…yum!

  10. Great roundup. We love Mexican so I’m off to check out that post too. Happy New Year.

  11. I need to try that corn bread! It looks so delicious! Great list. I love reading all of the successful recipes for 2013!

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