Perfect Homemade candy for Beginners

Microwave Fudge

By Aimee Berrett

This Microwave fudge is the perfect homemade candy for beginners and experts alike, with only 3 ingredients and no thermometer Needed!

Dish Info






1) You can cook this fudge in a traditional baking dish or change it up and spread the fudge in cookie cutters

2) Wrap up this fudge for an easy (and delicious) gift for the holidays.

3) Add mix-ins like nuts, candy bars, cookies, nuts, or sprinkles to make this fudge pop!

This fudge is a little simpler than the recipes I share with you normally, because its only 3 ingredients and its made in the microwave! All you need to make this fudge is chocolate chips, butter, and sweetened condensed milk. You can leave the butter out if you like, it makes the top a bit more greasy.

For the full recipe, and tips and tricks go to the link below