Dessert Board

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Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day Dessert Board is filled with loads of Valentine treats, from chocolatey treats, to strawberries, to red, white, and pink!

why you'll love them:

1. Hershey hearts 2. Chocolate covered pretzels 3. Yogurt covered pretzels 4. Strawberries and Cream Lindor Truffles

Chocolate Ideas

1. Jelly Bean Hearts 2. Heart Shaped Razzles 3. Strawberry Pocky Sticks 4. Red Cherry Fruit Sours Candy

Fruity Ideas

1. Conversation hearts 2. Twizzlers 3. Red Vines 4. Valentine Peeps

Other Candies

1. Chocolate covered Oreos 2. Teddy grahams 3. Chocolate covered heart cookies 4. Animal cookies 5. Macarons


1. Mini red velvet cupcakes 2. Pink Rice Krispie Treats 3. Brownies 4. Mini Powdered Donuts

Other baked goods

1. Caramel 2. Nutella 3. Cookie Butter 4. Peanut Butter 5. Chocolate Sauce