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Non Alcoholic

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This non alcoholic Christmas Sangria is the perfect festive drink for the entire holiday season. It’s fresh, delicious, festive, and so pretty!

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– Red grape juice – Cranberry juice – Orange juice – Sprite  – Oranges  – Fresh cranberries – Cinnamon sticks

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Add orange slices, and cranberries to a large pitcher. Muddle the fruit together with a wooden spoon.

step 1

Pour the grape juice, cranberry juice, and orange juice on top of the fruit. Stir it all together.

step 2

Cover the sangria with plastic wrap and refrigerate for a few hours, up to a couple days.

step 3

When you’re ready to serve, add ice and soda to the drink.

step 4

Add an orange slice, and cinnamon stick to each cup. Then add ice and cranberries. Pour juice into each cup and serve.

step 5

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