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Oven Baked Curly Fries – Arby’s Copycat

I love Arby’s. I usually get the same thing whenever we go to Arby’s, a regular beef and cheddar sandwich. And of course you can’t forget the curly fries. No matter how much I try to resist, if we are at Arby’s, I just can’t say no to the curly fries. I have wanted to […]


7 Layer Dip Party Cups

Our Sink or Swim Summer Party Giveaway is still running, and we wanted to help you to prepare for your party by giving you some great party ideas! Click on each of the pictures in this graphic below to get some great decoration, activity, recipe ideas and more! Artsy Fartsy Mama:   Printable Nautical Thank […]


Strawberry Fluff

Do you know Fluff?  It has to be the easiest dessert/salad you can make.  And it is completely versatile too, pick your jello flavor and fruit to match.  If you love strawberries; use strawberry jello with fresh strawberries.  If you love orange; choose orange jello with mandarin oranges.   If you love pistachio; use pistachio […]

mango 4

Mango Avocado Salsa

One of my good friends moved the beginning of July.  Becky is an amazing woman; she is married to a Marine, raising 5 children plus an foreign exchange daughter (she is the one who put Marta into my life), runs miles, and runs everywhere to accomplish much.  She and her family are moving to Austin, […]


Baked Carrots

One of the first dishes I remember making on my own was during my freshman year in college, baked carrots.


Slow Cooker Baked Beans

Who knew that following a recipe was so important? If you know me, I like to take a recipe and tweak it to my own liking, a little less sugar, a little more spices, substitutions based on whats available in my kitchen, and more. Funnily enough this mistake I made  had nothing to do with substituting ingredients and all […]


Corn Bread

Its really fun having a husband who enjoys cooking almost  as much as I do. Of course Nate usually does the “outdoor” cooking, you know grilling, anything over the camp fire and with our smoker.  We actually do a lot of cooking indoors together as well, depending on what we’re making, but pizza, pasta, tacos, […]


Spinach Dip

One of our favorite places to “shop” is Costco. How is it that when you go to Costco with the plan to buy 1 thing, you end up buying way more than that and spending way too much money? Okay, in all honesty, since we started watching our budget and trying to save more we […]


Pasta Salad

 My favorite candy in the whole wide world is skittles. Although most the time I prefer chocolate over fruity candy, I am always in the mood for skittles. Okay, I’m always in the mood for candy in general, but skittles are the best. I love all the different packages of skittles, crazy cores, original, tropical, […]


Onion Rings

One of my guilty pleasure foods is frozen corn dogs. Nate will eat them, but he doesn’t love them as much as I do. So after buying a box from Costco we have had them in our freezer for a long time.  We have been trying to clean out our freezer some since there is […]


Roasted Vegetables

Have you ever eaten a parsnip before?  In my 52 years I don’t think I had, but I have been seeing them all over pinterest and so I broke down and picked up 2.  Parsnips look like white carrots for the most part, perhaps taste like that too.  I prepared my parsnips for this recipe […]


BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

This is a post where I brag a little about my husband. Have I told you, how amazing my husband is? Well, its true. My husband, Nate, works full time, ie 40 hours a week, at a Residential Treatment Center. He’s the IT man. Meaning he fixes, computers, printers,  phones and more. But along with […]


Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

4 cups thinly sliced potatoes (we used our mandolin) 3 TBS butter 3 TBS flour 1 1/2 cups milk 1 tsp salt 1 large dashe cayenne pepper 1 1/2 cups cheddar cheese, separated


Creamy Chicken Bacon Taquitos (Baked)

I put a chicken mixture in the crockpot, and when I got home I decided to make taquitos out of it. This recipe was inspired by my own delicious pork taquitos, our best bites chicken taquitos and six sisters chicken bacon ranch taquitos. They were delicious, so I hope you enjoy. 


Easy Fruit Salad

A couple weeks ago we had a really fun activity for church. And since we are new in the area I told Nate that we had to go so that we could get to know some more people in our area. So the activity was called a progressive dinner. But basically we split up and […]


Grilled Shrimp Citrus Salad

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day.  Around the Garrett home sometimes it is a big deal and sometimes it is just an ordinary day.  Yesterday was closer to the later but with this grilled shrimp citrus salad for two I tried to make it somewhere in between.  It is a salad but I believe a step above your […]