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sweet potato patties 2

Sweet Potato Patties

Amazingly, I have decided I like sweet potatoes.  They just need to be prepared the way I like; not sweet, not even a tiny bit sweet.

almond apple oatmeal scones 4

Almond Oatmeal Apple Scones

These almond oatmeal apple scones are divine.  I would make them day after day and eat every single one if I could. They are filled with amazing goodness of oats and apples flavored with cardamon, cinnamon, nutmeg, and almond extract.  I adore almond extract, the flavor is amazing and addicting.  I discovered this sweet recipe […]


Stuffed Pizza Rolls

**I was compensated for this post by National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association  for participating in this campaign. I am a member of the Mom it Forward Blogger Network. All opinions are my own. I love buying food from the refrigerated and frozen food sections at our local grocery store. Both of these sections have […]


Green Bean Casserole

One of my favorite Thanksgiving sides is green bean casserole. So when Ashlee asked me to participate in a collaborative Thanksgiving meal with her and a couple other bloggers (Jesseca, Lindsay and Yvonne), I knew that one of the dishes I needed to make was green bean casserole. (Stay tuned for the all the recipes coming together […]

pumpkin cornbread 3

Pumpkin Cornbread

If you are going to serve chili you serve cornbread along side it; if you are going to serve cornbread you serve chili with it too.  That is how I grew up, these two were united, never one without the other.  The tradition carried on with my family, Craig would come home, smell the scent […]


Ham Fried Rice

This last week at work we had a gala. Its our biggest fundraising event of the year and we serve dinner and have students perform and a silent and a live auction and its a really great event. I’ve been helping to plan the event for the last few months at work, and the week […]

cauliflower 2

Cheesy Cauliflower Carrot Mash

I am quite sure cauliflower was not on my list of vegetables that I liked when I was growing up; I am quite sure that list was very, very short.  Over the years as an adult I have come to appreciate and even enjoy cauliflower.  First, it was raw served with a vegetable dip, then […]


Fried Green Tomatoes

Oh my goodness, I have fallen in love with these delicious little things.  Fried Green Tomatoes. They are so yummy. I found this recipe in my Savoring the Seasons with Our Best Bites cookbook.  Just a little cook book, that is great to have.  Sara and Kate are excellent cooks and bloggers; their tips and […]


Southwest Chicken Rolls

I love the combination of all these flavors. Chicken, corn, blackbeans, tomatoes, onions and more. Its the same flavors as my favorite southwest salsa, plus chicken wrapped up in a delicious egg roll and baked into perfection. I first found these southwest egg rolls on pinterest and made them back in 2011. These southwest chicken rolls are perfect as a […]


Oven Baked Curly Fries – Arby’s Copycat

I love Arby’s. I usually get the same thing whenever we go to Arby’s, a regular beef and cheddar sandwich. And of course you can’t forget the curly fries. No matter how much I try to resist, if we are at Arby’s, I just can’t say no to the curly fries. I have wanted to […]


7 Layer Dip Party Cups

Our Sink or Swim Summer Party Giveaway is still running, and we wanted to help you to prepare for your party by giving you some great party ideas! Click on each of the pictures in this graphic below to get some great decoration, activity, recipe ideas and more! Artsy Fartsy Mama:   Printable Nautical Thank […]


Strawberry Fluff

Do you know Fluff?  It has to be the easiest dessert/salad you can make.  And it is completely versatile too, pick your jello flavor and fruit to match.  If you love strawberries; use strawberry jello with fresh strawberries.  If you love orange; choose orange jello with mandarin oranges.   If you love pistachio; use pistachio […]

mango 4

Mango Avocado Salsa

One of my good friends moved the beginning of July.  Becky is an amazing woman; she is married to a Marine, raising 5 children plus an foreign exchange daughter (she is the one who put Marta into my life), runs miles, and runs everywhere to accomplish much.  She and her family are moving to Austin, […]


Baked Carrots

One of the first dishes I remember making on my own was during my freshman year in college, baked carrots.


Slow Cooker Baked Beans

Who knew that following a recipe was so important? If you know me, I like to take a recipe and tweak it to my own liking, a little less sugar, a little more spices, substitutions based on whats available in my kitchen, and more. Funnily enough this mistake I made  had nothing to do with substituting ingredients and all […]


Corn Bread

Its really fun having a husband who enjoys cooking almost  as much as I do. Of course Nate usually does the “outdoor” cooking, you know grilling, anything over the camp fire and with our smoker.  We actually do a lot of cooking indoors together as well, depending on what we’re making, but pizza, pasta, tacos, […]