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spinach apple cherry salad

Cherry Apple Spinach Salad

I love discovering and exploring new combinations of goodness for salads. This cherry apple spinach salad is a perfect salad combination.  With the first bite, I was like hmmmmmmmmm…., this is amazing goodness. I often am eating lunch at home and then leaving for work.  It has become quite the pleasant experience.  You see I […]

loaded sugar cookie bars square

Loaded Sugar Cookie Bars

Wow, “LOADED” is the optimal word here.  These loaded sugar cookies bars are just that, loaded with all the chips and nuts and sweets that you might imagine.  I loaded mine with chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, pistachio nuts, and cherry M&Ms.  A unique combination but truly a great combination together. The amazing thing is, I had […]

one pan cheesy chicken pasta5square

One Pan Cheesy Chicken Pasta

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sargento®. The opinions and text are all mine own.  #ad #ChoppedAtHome #RealCheesePeople #contest It is all about the EASE, right!?!  We are always looking for something that helps make your and my lifes easier, perhaps even quicker, more simplified but then there is the […]

Blood orange salsa salmon, a citrus salsa over honey crusted salmon.

Blood Orange Salsa Salmon

This blood orange salsa salmon was one of the most delicious dishes I have ever prepared and eaten. Do you know the blood orange?  I am sorry it doesn’t have a better name, some people do call it a red orange.  I suggest crimson orange.  It is grown specifically but it really is a mutation […]

roasted carrot split pea soup 2square

Roasted Carrot Split Pea Soup

Craig and I are on a quest and this tasty roasted carrot split pea soup is helping us on our quest.  You see we have a large supply of canned food goods; such as flour, beans, split peas, vegetables, rice, pasta, etc. Our quest is to prepare meals using this supply, thus the split peas […]

Cherry cheesecake with a cruncy graham cracker crust and a streusel topping, just what you love.

Cherry Cheesecake Bars

I don’t know why it is but when ever I think of Valentine’s Day desserts, I always think of cherries.  To me cherries just means Valentine’s Day.  Do you think it has something to do with President’s Day so close and the story of George Washington chopping down a cherry tree? I know that the […]

Fresh herbs added to these roasted carrots add to their goodness. So sweet and yummy.

Roasted Carrots

Sometimes I get carried away when I do the grocery shopping.  Sometimes when I shop at a large warehouse store like Costco, I purchase 5 pound bags of whole carrots.  5 pounds!  Carrots!  I love raw carrots, I love their crunch and I especially enjoy them with a vegetable dip.  But after eating fresh carrots […]

blackberry apple salad 4square

Blackberry Apple Salad with Blackberry Vinaigrette

I am not the grocery shopper in our family.  I used to be and actually it used to be one of my favorite activities.  I didn’t even mind taking my children when they lived at home.  But a couple of years ago Craig became the grocery shopper.  His takeover happened for a variety of reasons […]

cinnamon sugar and thyme almonds (1)square

Cinnamon Sugar and Thyme Almonds

Do you love candied almonds, even candied nuts of all kinds?  I do.  I especially love to toss them into salads.  These sweet and savory almonds were the perfect nut to toss into a salad, especially my favorite kind of salad – one full of fruit, cheese, greens, and of course, nuts.   I love […]

valentine pretzels 2square

White Chocolate Valentine Pretzels

Is saying “I love you” as easy as 1,2,3?  I hope this Valentine Day you have someone to say “I love you” to and I hope you have someone to share these Valentine Pretzels with too.  These Valentine Pretzels are as easy to make also,  as easy as 1,2,3. They are Valentine Pretzels because 1) […]

cream cheese strawberry danish 1 square

Cream Cheese Strawberry Danish

So seriously one of the best things about being a food blogger, is experimenting with new recipes and foods.  Especially treats, hmmm….. yeah, especially treats. Oh yeah, and eating the food too.  These cream cheese strawberry danishes were an experiment because I had the ingredients on hand (yesterday I picked up the sweetest strawberries from […]

Asian Beef 2square

Asian Beef with Snow Peas and Mushrooms

I had forgotten how much I love Asian flavors, I don’t know why. And I honestly don’t know if this is true Asian but I do know this Asian beef, snow peas, and mushroom dish is bursting with flavor.  I love it. Do you ever get into a routine with life?  I mean routines are good […]

Potato Black Eyed Pea Tacos 2square

Potato Black-eyed Pea Tacos

Happy New Year!   Hope this will be your best year ever and to start you out right here is a delicious Potato Black-eyed Peas Taco recipe. Black-eyed peas are said to bring you good luck in the new year.  We all could use a little good luck. Now you might have missed eating them on […]

pear breakfast cake 4asquare

Breakfast Pear Cake

I was provided with vegetables and produce from Melissa’s Produce but all opinions are my own. This mini breakfast pear cake with mandarin cream is perfect for breakfast, brunch, and even dessert.  Sometimes you just want a little treat and instead of baking a whole cake why not bake a mini cake.  That’s what I […]

Skillet Potato Beet Chesnut 4 square

Skillet Beets, Potatoes, and Chestnuts

I was provided with vegetables and produce from Melissa’s Produce but all opinions are my own. #MelissaProduce Skillet beets, potatoes, and chestnuts has to be the most unique combination dish I have made so far in my little blogging world.  I dare say the challenge given by Melissa Produce to create a savory dish with […]


Oat Flour Bread

I love baking bread; I enjoy getting my hands right into the dough and working it.  I love the anticipation and watching it rise.  I love the smell of baking bread.  But most of all I love the taste, I can hardly wait for it to cool just enough to cut through, smother with butter […]