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simply roasted chicken and potatoes 1square

Herb Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

Would you like a simply delicious chicken recipe? that’s what this herb roasted chicken and potatoes is.  Roasted chicken with a simple herb sauce tossed in with a few potatoes and sliced lemons.  Simply delicious, simply easy, simply good, simply dinner.   There is minimum preparation required, minimum ingredients, and minimum clean up.  But an elegant […]

pumpkin butter swirl bread 4square

Pumpkin Butter Swirl Bread

Maybe someone has thought of this bread before but I haven’t seen it, so I will claim ownership as the author of Pumpkin Butter Swirl Bread.  I recognize most ideas are not original and we usually have a jumping off point to create from and I don’t deny that – but I still want to […]

swirled pomegranate fudge 2square

Swirled Pomegranate Fudge

Swirled pomegranate fudge, so good, so easy, so addictive – save yourself and share, share, share!   I was exploring the World Wide Web for pomegranate recipes because I received 4 pomegranates the last 2 weeks from my CSA box.  That’s a lot of pomegranate arils.   During my exploration I found a recipe for […]

autumn soup 1square

Autumn Soup

November came and fall decided to finally visit southern California.  It has started perfectly with cooler temperatures day and night,  a little color in the trees, and rain.  Blessed rain!  With the crisp air surrounding us and the scent of fresh washed earth, I want to wrap myself in a blanket while still in my […]

penne pasta with dandelion greens 3square

Penne Pasta with Dandelion Greens

Sometimes you sit down to a meal and after one bite, your heart is filled with a rush of sweet memories from the first time you ate the meal.  Sweet memories of the person who cooked for you and shared their table and home with you.  That is what happened while I was eating this […]

roasted autumn squash salad 1squash

Roasted Autumn Squash Salad

Sometimes I can’t even envision the amazing combinations of flavors that at first just don’t seem like they would work.  But then I jump in, try, and go WOW! That was so good.  That’s exactly what happened with this roasted autumn squash salad. I love each of these ingredients alone but putting them together was […]

green apple smoothie bowl 1square

Green Apple Smoothie Bowl

These green apple smoothie bowls are full of spinach, apple banana and yogurt topped with pomegranate, granola and other chopped or dried fruit! Its a perfect “grown up” smoothie! It’s not easy being green.  I am stealing a few words from Kermit because I agree with him.  It isn’t easy being green, it is not […]


Pomegranate Fall Salad

Juicy, crunchy, hand and face staining pomegranates.  Isn’t that what you think of when you think of pomegranates. This amazing pomegranate fall salad is stuffed full of fresh juicy and crunchy pomegranates, apple slices, spinach, lettuce and harvati cheese. Yum! I also think of fall because that is when pomegranates are in season.  They are […]


35 Pumpkin Recipes

It’s fall and it is pumpkin season.  Isn’t that wonderful!?!  Do you love pumpkin and everything nice?  I do!  I could eat pumpkin this and pumpkin that all day, everyday during autumn.  I love the taste, the look, and the smell.  Oh, the scent of pumpkin cakes or pumpkin cookies or pumpkin syrup, is just […]

apple crumb muffins 3square

Apple Crumb Muffins

Fall means apples! And we are blessed with two apple trees.  Which pretty much guarantees lots of apples every year.  It is such a treat to walk out our front door and pick our own apples to eat.  We enjoy them fresh off the tree, baked in pies, made into applesauce, and even dried with […]