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Candy Corn PB Bars3square

Candy Corn Peanut Butter Bars

It is raining candy corn!  How I wish it was really raining or even felt like rain but IT IS candy corn season and I snatched up 2 bags before they were to disappear from the shelves.  Do you like candy corn?  I do, but I am particular about my brand of candy corn and […]

Mediterranean Mini Pizzas1square

Mediterranean Mini Pizzas

We love pizza at this house.  It is becoming a tradition to serve a pizza every Friday night, what a perfect time to experiment with new flavors.  This Mediterranean Mini Pizza along with our Roasted Tomato Mini Pizza has become our newest favorites.  Craig and I couldn’t decide which was better.  It really was a […]


5 fact Friday #6

I thought it was time for another 5 fact Friday for you.  5 things about my life that I am thinking about on a late Saturday night.  These 5 facts all have a health/physical theme about them.  Which is kind of ridiculous considering I just about finished off a whole sleeve of graham crackers with […]

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt 1square

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

Let’s just say frozen yogurt is a favorite here and perhaps I alone can keep not 1 but 2 frozen yogurt parlors open in this sleepy little town of Fallbrook.  When I saw a recipe to make my own frozen yogurt I had to jump at the chance.  But it is not just any frozen […]

roasted tomato mini pizzassquare

Roasted Tomato Mini Pizzas

You may have noticed I have fallen in love with roasted tomatoes.  I realize all my blog posts and recipes recently may have turned some of you away if you don’t like tomatoes but I am really hoping there are enough of you that love tomatoes, like I do.  And if you love tomatoes you […]

zucchini bread with pineapple4 square

Zucchini Bread with Pineapple

My neighbor brought over two very large zucchinis yesterday.  They were huge, like larger than my arm huge.  I don’t know what you do when you are given or grow a large zucchini – you know the kind that somehow managed to hide away under the plants until it is so large that you either […]

Roasted Tomato BLAT1 square

Roasted Tomato BLAT Sandwich

**This post is sponsored by Dave’s Killer Bread. All opinions are mine. With it being Sunday and a heat wave of 100+ temperatures in southern California, our dinner menu becomes slightly limited.  I certainly don’t want to cook or bake or even grill today and have chosen as part of my religious commitment to not […]

Roasted Tomatoes2 square

Roasted Tomatoes

Ever since I discovered you could roast tomatoes, I have been in tomato heaven.  I have already roasted 5 pans of tomatoes.  And amazing enough all of the tomatoes were from my garden.  I planted about 10 tomato plants this year but the most prolific were the Roma tomatoes.  Romas make perfect roasted tomatoes because they are […]

lemon basil infused soda2square

Lemon Basil Infused Soda

I am a collector of recipes.  Most recently I saved a recipe for infused drinks and then decided to make my own, starting with this lemon basil infused soda.  Pinterest has become my salvation from clutter but I still tear a few recipes from the printed pages of magazines.  We have a few magazines that […]


Five Fact Friday (#5)

It’s the mom here. Aimee has encouraged me to write a 5 Fact Friday post but I have put it off until now.  This is the very first and hopefully not the last.  I just had a bit of a hard time thinking of what could be of interest about me.  Not that I am […]

fresh tomato soup1square

Fresh Tomato Soup

Probably my favorite soup in the whole world is tomato soup.  Often it comes from a can but after making this fresh tomato soup, with all its amazing goodness, I don’t know if I can ever go back to canned.  Fresh tomato soup is made from just that fresh picked tomatoes, fresh herbs, cream, broth, […]

Blackened Tilapia2featured

Blackened Tilapia

Did you used to think like I did that if the recipe had the name “blackened” it meant burnt?  Perhaps I am the only one.  It really means the fish or chicken is given a dark crust from the spices – often Cajun – and cooked on high heat to form that crust.  This blackened […]

Strawberry Icebox Cake1square

Strawberry Icebox Cake

This strawberry icebox cake isn’t a cake in the traditional sense of the word cake.  You don’t use flour, you are not baking it, but it is a sweet layered dessert.  My lovely Stephanie brought a strawberry icebox cake to a potluck pool party and it was excellent.  I had no idea what it was […]

Sweet n Salty Kettle Popcorn square

Sweet n’ Salty Kettle Popcorn

Are you all into sweet n’ salty? I am!  What a wonderful taste it is – sweet n’ salty together is amazing and this sweet n’ salty Kettle popcorn is top-notch too. A few days ago I received a package of Kettle Brand Popcorn, the flavors were very unique too.  Sriracha, Maple Bacon, Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper, […]


Honey Glazed Shrimp

I love shrimp,  it is delicious and one of my favorite types of seafood to eat.  I am always looking for a new recipe for how to prepare shrimp and was delighted with this honey glazed shrimp.  The recipe was originally for salmon and I know it would be wonderful with salmon too, but I loved it […]


Pepperoni Stromboli and Calzone

While I was staying at Aimee and Nate’s and helping them with the new baby  I was in the mood for preparing several freezer meals before I go back to California. I really wanted to be useful and hope that when they are eating a pepperoni stromboli and calzone, my time here will be remember […]