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Korean Pears, Christmas Crunch grapes, and JeJu Mandarins from Melissa Produce all come together to make a delicious breakfast pear cak

Breakfast Pear Cake

I was provided with vegetables and produce from Melissa’s Produce but all opinions are my own. This mini breakfast pear cake with mandarin cream is perfect for breakfast, brunch, and even dessert.  Sometimes you just want a little treat and instead of baking a whole cake why not bake a mini cake.  That’s what I […]

Skillet Beets, Potatoes, and Chestnut will give your taste buds an amazing burst of savory flavor

Skillet Beets, Potatoes, and Chestnuts

I was provided with vegetables and produce from Melissa’s Produce but all opinions are my own. #MelissaProduce Skillet beets, potatoes, and chestnuts has to be the most unique combination dish I have made so far in my little blogging world.  I dare say the challenge given by Melissa Produce to create a savory dish with […]


Oat Flour Bread

I love baking bread; I enjoy getting my hands right into the dough and working it.  I love the anticipation and watching it rise.  I love the smell of baking bread.  But most of all I love the taste, I can hardly wait for it to cool just enough to cut through, smother with butter […]


Campbell’s V8 Protein Shakes and Bars

**This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LoveV8Protein #CollectiveBias I believe I have mentioned that Craig spent the summer training for the St. George Marathon.  He really followed a diligent program  and it paid off. He did fantastic with his best time ever in a […]

cherry chocolate almond cookies 1 square

Cherry Chocolate Almond Cookies

I have several joys in my life; one of them is spending time with my family and another one is sharing recipes with you on LMLD.  It is a delight when the two of them come together and that is what happened with the creation of Cherry Chocolate Almond Cookies. A few weeks ago I […]


Vegetable Pasta Salad

Recently I hosted a baby shower for a friend and lunch was served.  My fellow hostess provided a sub sandwich and I had the side dishes to prepare.  I decided on one of my favorites, a colorful vegetable pasta salad.  I believe vegetable pasta salads are my standby go to recipes but I am never […]


Persimmon Cookies

Do you know what a persimmon is?  My first introduction to persimmons was when our family moved to California 12 years ago.  Our neighbors brought some over for us to enjoy; fresh and in persimmon pudding.  Persimmons ripen in the fall, our sweetheart neighbor Colleen says “if it is Thanksgiving the persimmons are ripe.” Around […]


California Academy of Sciences Museum

Craig and I are spending our Thanksgiving holiday with family in northern California and feel super lucky to do so.  It is always my favorite thing to do, be with my family.  And it is super awesome when we explore and experience new places; like today – Anth, Z, and I went to the California […]

orange cranberry relish1square

Orange Cranberry Relish

Happy National Cranberry Relish Day! – Just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday!  And this Orange Cranberry Relish is the perfect cranberry sauce to celebrate the National Cranberry Relish Day and to celebrate Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving, it is probably my favorite holiday (well, maybe besides or alongside Christmas, the 4th of July, and my […]

stuffed butternut4square

Wild Rice Stuffed Roasted Butternut

 I was provided with vegetables and produce from Melissa’s Produce but all opinions are my own. Recently I joined the San Diego Food Bloggers group and I am delighted to be a part of this great group of food bloggers.  One of the really fun things about joining was learning about all the events and […]

roasted split pea tortilla soup 4square

Roasted Yellow Split Pea Tortilla Soup

This post is sponsored by USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council, but all opinions are strictly my own.  #splitpeasoupweek When I was approached about preparing a recipe using split peas I was all over this.  I love a good split pea soup, maybe because green peas are my favorite cooked vegetable.  But if you mention […]



If you have followed my bucket list, you will have noticed that Ratatouille is on it.  I have always wanted to try making ratatouille ever since I saw the Disney movie with the same name.  Loved the movie by the way.  Although in all honesty I was a bit hesitant, hesitant because I thought it […]

orecchiette with chicken sausage3square

Orecchiette with Chicken Sausage and Asparagus

Once upon a time in a far away land, I had all the time in the world to wander the aisles and racks of my favorite stores.  I could window shop and dream to my heart’s content, it was bliss.  This week I took the time to bask in that experience again but my wandering […]

grilled club sandwich 1 square

Grilled Club Sandwich

Happy National Sandwich Day!!!!! Today is national sandwich day and I am sharing a grilled club sandwich for you just for fun.  Well, maybe this isn’t an official club sandwich – which is sometimes called a clubhouse sandwich – but I think most of you envisioned what I was talking about when you read grilled […]

Figgy Scones3square

Figgy Scones

My dad’s favorite cookie was a Fig Newton.  We didn’t have them very often in our home because for some reason they seemed expensive.  But I always thought it was such a  treat when they appeared on the counter after a grocery shopping trip.  My dad was generous and shared his Fig Newtons with the […]

Candy Corn PB Bars3square

Candy Corn Peanut Butter Bars

It is raining candy corn!  How I wish it was really raining or even felt like rain but IT IS candy corn season and I snatched up 2 bags before they were to disappear from the shelves.  Do you like candy corn?  I do, but I am particular about my brand of candy corn and […]