pb and j cookies 1square

Your favorite sandwich is now a cookie in these PB & J Cookies, made with two peanut butter cookies, peanut buttercream frosting and jelly. Peanut Butter – Jelly! Peanut Butter […]

blueberry lemonade 3asquare

This blueberry lemonade is perfectly sweet and tart, and is a perfect refreshing drink for a warm day! **This delicious blueberry lemonade is made using SPLENDA®Sweeteners as part of a sponsored post […]

raspberry pretzel jello salad 1square

This raspberry pretzel jello salad is great as a side dish or dessert! With a crunchy and salty pretzel crust, a smooth cream cheese middle and a sweet raspberry jello […]

baked goat cheese spread 2square

This is the perfect appetizer of baked goat cheese spread with a bit of spice from chili oil and roasted tomatoes use with crackers or toast or eat straight from […]

blueberry cheesecake 9square

This blueberry cheesecake starts with a buttery graham cracker crust, a creamy cheesecake center, and a tangy blueberry swirl. This cheesecake is incredible! Pin this delicious blueberry cheesecake for later! […]

corn and black bean guacamole 9square

 This corn and black bean guacamole is stuffed full of corn, black bean, diced tomatoes and onions for a delicious flavorful guacamole. Perfect served with chips or on top of  your […]

breakfast hash 1square

This breakfast hash is a delicious combination of potatoes, peppers, onions, and sausage. Great for breakfast or dinner served with a fried egg on top! Pin this breakfast hash for […]

triple berry green smoothie asquare

This triple berry green smoothie is packed full of three kinds of berries, soy milk and yogurt, banana and spinach for a smoothie that is full of antioxidants, protein, fiber, […]

bananas foster grilled cheese 3square

This bananas foster melt is a delicious dessert grilled cheese sandwich with sliced up bananas, cream cheese, biscoff spread and caramel syrup! Pin this Bananas Foster Melt for later. A […]

oatmeal raisin cookies 1square

These oatmeal raisin cookies are soft and chewy, full of raisins and old fashioned oats, flavored with vanilla and cinnamon for one of the best cookies there is! Pin these […]