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blueberry smoothie 3square

Blueberry Smoothie

This delicious and creamy blueberry smoothie is made with frozen blueberries, a fresh ripe banana, almond and coconut milk for a delicious morning go to smoothie.   Pin this blueberry smoothie for later. Are you feeling blue?  Well, let this blueberry smoothie brighten your morning with its refreshing antioxidant healthy goodness. I love smoothies and I […]

spinach lasagna roll ups 2square

Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups

These spinach lasagna roll ups are stuffed full of a parmesan ricotta cheese and spinach mixture, rolled up with lasagna noodles, and topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese for a delicious 30 minute dinner!  Pin these spinach lasagna roll ups for later. Have I told you that my dad went on a religious mission […]

A savory roasted sweet potato flavored with fresh herbs of chives, rosemary, and thyme served with a rosemary garlic aioli sauce

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Rosemary Garlic Aioli

These savory roasted sweet potatoes are seasoned with fresh herbs and served with a creamy rosemary garlic aioli! Pin these Roasted Sweet Potatoes for later. How do you like your sweet potatoes?  Do you like them sweet or do you like them savory?  I personally like them savory, unless they are in a sweet bread.  […]

autumn soup 1square

Autumn Soup

This autumn soup is a perfect compilation of fall flavors with butternut suqash, pumpkin, apples, onion and sage! November came and fall decided to finally visit southern California.  It has started perfectly with cooler temperatures day and night,  a little color in the trees, and rain.  Blessed rain!  With the crisp air surrounding us and […]

roasted autumn squash salad 1squash

Roasted Autumn Squash Salad

A delicious autumn salad with acorn squash, pomegranates, and pecans all topped with an amazing apple vinaigrette dressing Sometimes I can’t even envision the amazing combinations of flavors that at first just don’t seem like they would work.  But then I jump in, try, and go WOW! That was so good.  That’s exactly what happened […]

green apple smoothie bowl 1square

Green Apple Smoothie Bowl

These green apple smoothie bowls are full of spinach, apple banana and yogurt topped with pomegranate, granola and other chopped or dried fruit! Its a perfect “grown up” smoothie! It’s not easy being green.  I am stealing a few words from Kermit because I agree with him.  It isn’t easy being green, it is not […]

fig pear pizza 3square

Fig Pear Pizza

This delicious fig pear pizza is perfect for dinner, lunch or dessert. Its topped with fresh figs, pears and goat cheese, and drizzled with honey and cinnamon! It is no secret that I love figs.  I know they are probably an acquired taste; I started simple with fig newtons, then moved onto dried figs, and […]

quinoa corn salad 2square

Quinoa Corn Salad

This quinoa corn salad is great for a main dish or side. Its loaded with quinoa, chickpeas, green pepper, corn, tomatoes and more! This quinoa corn salad may have just became my favorite main dish salad.  I have made it twice in less than a week and I am ready to make it again! and […]

stuffed hatch chiles 2square

Stuffed Hatch Chiles

Do you dream about food?  I dream about food!  I think about food all the time.  I talk about food all the time. I suppose it has something to do with having a food blog. I believe it has a lot to do with being a recipe developer.  I just have food on my brain.  […]

parmesan zucchini 3square

Parmesan Zucchini Spears

I’ve realized this year that after having a baby some things just seem to slip away, like a garden. Hopefully I’ll be better at it one year, but the last 2 years we haven’t been very good at keeping most the things in our garden alive, or even getting them to grow. Even zucchini which […]