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  1. Shan says

    5 stars
    So easy and so good! I made this for my mother in law for her birthday and everyone loved it! This is so simple and fresh, I’ll be using it as the base of berry ice creams I make in the future. Thank you for a great recipe!

  2. Lindsey says

    5 stars
    Delicious! I used coconut milk instead of whole milk. I also added crumbled golden Oreos and topped it off with crumbled freeze dried strawberries, tastes just like strawberry shortcake! (I used less sugar to account for the added sugar in the Oreos). Very good recipe — Thanks! 🍓

  3. Brenda says

    5 stars
    Easy and delicious strawberry ice cream recipe.
    I’ve tried this recipe a couple of times now and it doesn’t disappoint.

  4. Casey says

    5 stars
    Foolproof! Easy, quick and delicious!!! Yummier than anything we can buy… We will be making this all summer!

  5. Dusty Creighton says

    5 stars
    This was the best homemade strawberry ice cream we’ve ever had and I loved the simplicity in ingredients and preparation. It is perfect-creamy, yet light and fresh.

  6. Becky says

    If I don’t have heavy cream but half and half and whole milk, should I just use all half and half?

    • Aimee says

      You could just sub the half and half for the heavy cream and it may be a little less creamy, or you can try subbing it for both the cream and the milk.

  7. Michael from NYC says

    5 stars
    Made this recipe especially because it did not have eggs. It was fantastic. My family loved it. My wife loves strawberry ice cream and this wowed her. A new family favorite. Thank you!

  8. Abby says

    5 stars
    I love your blog name. Very fitting for today. My mom picked up some fresh strawberries yesterday and we decided we would make strawberry ice cream today together with my 2 year old son. We stumbled upon your recipe last night. I already know it will be a delightful treat. Have a beautiful Sunday. 🍓

  9. Melissa says

    Do you fill the ice cream canister up to the fill line with milk after adding the other ingredients?

  10. Trisha says

    5 stars
    Perfect strawberry ice cream. Easy and fast to make. My ice cream maker broke at the beginning of churning it. So I used a hand mixer so I wouldn’t waste my ingredients. Turned out just fine.

  11. Mama Murphy says

    We very much enjoyed this! I accidentally doubled the sugar so I just added a little extra of the milk and cream. It overflowed a little bit in the maker so we just spooned it out as it came into cups and it was perfect soft serve before I put it in the freezer. The kids were happy they didn’t have to wait the full 30 minutes to enjoy a taste and it wasn’t at all too sweet even with the extra sugar.

  12. Jenna says

    4 stars
    How did you make that format to write the ingredients and things? I think you should add something if the people don’t have an ice cream maker; Other than that, it’s awesome!

  13. Emily von Stuckrad-Smolinski says

    5 stars
    We have tried many ice cream recipes over the years and never found a winner….UNTIL NOW!
    I can’t keep my family out of it! My husband, who considers himself an ice cream connoisseur, took a single bite and said it was the best he’d ever had in his life. He said it so fast I thought he was messing with me….Until he asked me to make 8 more batches.
    We’re in quarantine and this is the most awesome project. We are experimenting with the base recipe and swapping out strawberries for other things. The base recipe is a winner no matter what!

    • Aimee says

      You just made my day! I’m so glad you loved it so much! Please let me know what other flavors you try!

  14. Erin says

    5 stars
    We like things a little less sweet, so I used a touch less than 1/2 cup sugar total, and it was wonderful!

  15. Colin says

    4 stars
    When I made it it came out soupy and not soft serve ice cream. If you know why please tell me! Thank you

  16. Erika says

    5 stars
    My kid’s and I tried this recipe for a summer time activity we had so much fun making it and it was delicious. Super easy we will definitely be making it again! Thank you.

  17. Izabel says

    sounds great. i am interested in making because we grow for the first time our own strawberries.
    but is there an alternative if you don’t have the ice cream maker?

  18. Denise S. says

    We made this a couple of days ago and HOLY COW! It was very smooth, super creamy and tasted like eating a strawberry shortcake without the cake. This one will certainly be in my freezer again.

  19. Lollie says

    I tried your recipe tonight. And it was very simple. I usually don’t eat strawberry ice cream but I will be eating this one.

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